Posted on July 29th, 2013

We continued our teaching on Abundant Life on July 21st and we focused on John 15:1-17 - getting and staying connected to the life source

Below is the video of Abundant Life - Week 2!

Theme Verse: John 10:10
Theme Song: Take My Life (and let it be) by Chris Tomlin

Posted on July 19th, 2013

On Sunday, July 14th we began a new sermon series: Abundant Life

Practical Wisdom and Tools to Live the Life You Were Made For

Each week we'll have handouts that you can use for further study and reflection. If you miss a week, don't worry, we'll have the previous weeks' available too so at the end, you'll have a complete kit on Abundant Life

Theme Verse: John 10:10
Theme Song: Take My Life (and let it be) by Chris Tomlin

We'll sing it as a family on Sundays to reflect and surrender our lives as an offering to our Lord and Savior. Feel free to download it and worship with it during the week too.

We will also be posting videos of the teaching time each week. If you missed week 1 or want to just recap, please check out the video below!

Posted on July 5th, 2013

Hey Westpoint family.

HAPPY JULY 4th!!! So grateful for our freedom as Americans, and even more for our freedom from the destruction of sin and selfishness we have been graciously given in Jesus.

Wow. This is my last "note from Jason." Crazy. I remember the very first enewsletter I sent out in 2004. It was mainly to people who were praying for and supporting us, but it was to that first group of folks who expressed an interest in helping us cultivate the gospel in hopes of a new local expression of the church out here on the west side of Orlando. That cultivation will gratefully continue. This "note from Jason" will not.

May I leave you with three short thoughts.

You are fully loved. The gospel of Jesus is the good news that God came near before we said sorry and before we asked for help. Why? Because He loves. No matter what you think of God, it is nailed down what He thinks of us - graciously, you and I are worth dying to Him.

You are securely loved. This gospel now identifies us. We are not lost and alone. We do not have to be afraid. We are not condemned. Why? Because if we believe in the One who was sent, then we can cease striving to earn God's to-be-given love and instead believe and live in His already-given love. We are secure in Christ. And because you are now identified with Jesus, because I am identified with Jesus, even on my worst day and in my worst moment, I am still "Jason, in Christ."

You are compelled by love. Because we are fully loved, we are fully secure. We are filled up, not needing to search for ways to be filled but able to pour out our lives that others might be filled. He loved us first (1st John 4:7-11). He identifies us as sent ones believing in the Sent one (John 20:21). His loving us first compels us to go love first, in hopes that others will believe in the One who was sent (John 6:29).

This is not a component of who the church is or what the church does. This is who we are and defines what we do.

May Westpoint continue to be united, not by preferences and passions, but by mission. Togetherness around sentness, thinking and living like a family of missionaries together in west Orange County and beyond.

Jen and the kids and I love you. Jen and the kids and I are so grateful for you. These have been a beautiful, sobering, worthwhile 9 and 1/2 years. We are thankful for you, the people, the church. Please see below the signature for some ways to keep up with us going forward, if interested.

So, like we have said for nine plus years now at the end of each Sunday gathering, remember that you don't "go to church." You are the church. So, go this week and be the church.

See you Sunday. One more time as your grateful pastor.

< scripturing. eating. neighboring. together. >

PS _ for those interested, the best ways to KEEP UP WITH US going forward would be:

:: follow Jason's blog via email subscription at

:: follow the parenting lessons and encouragements of

:: friend Jen on Facebook

:: shoot us a text as we likely will keep our same cell #'s

:: send a carrier pigeon :)

:: y'all come on up to north MS and see us

Posted on June 28th, 2013

Hey Westpoint family!

Jen and I missed y'all this past Sunday. We were celebrating love and marriage with Beth Reilley and her groom up at Mission Inn. It was a special time. The wedding ceremony was at 10:30, and it was a beautiful, worshipful gathering. Beth and Steve are happily honeymooning! Their's is a fantastic story of patience and perseverance, waiting for love to blossom in its time.

You probably heard that the Supreme Court had some rulings yesterday on marriage. I actually got a few text messages from some of you asking for counsel on how to respond, especially to your co-workers. Well, I posted some thoughts to consider on the blog today. For what it's worth.

Josh and I talked yesterday about an opportunity for those interested to converse about this hot topic together in a round-table of sorts. If interested, please simply reply to this email to let us know. We will then try to pull something together soon and send out the details.

Dr. Russell Moore posted some very insightful and challenging thoughts on his blog yesterday afternoon. You can read them here:

Finally, the Transition Team meets tonight again. This crew has been doing such a great job listening prayerfully and conversing graciously about the options before us. I am so confident that they together will lead our church family well. I challenge those not a part of this team to take their leadership seriously, and to be willing to follow unless you simply sense the Spirit leading your family to live sent with another local church.

May our decisions in these days not be driven by preferences but by mission. "Sent ones" sent by the Sent One is who we are, and who He is making us to become (Mark 1:17).

Love y'all so much. Hard to believe that next week will be my last "note from Jason." Jen and I are so very grateful for the Westpoint family.


Posted on June 6th, 2013

Hey Westpoint family.

The quote of the morning was this:

"There are a truckload of reasons I'm grateful for Westpoint, and they all have names."
-Selby Weeks

So many heartfelt expressions of gratefulness were shared this past Sunday morning as we had a "family meeting" of sorts around two topics. One - GRATEFUL for where we have been. Two - thoughts on where people hope we are GOING. Here are some summary highlights:

:: for a loving, authentic, intentional, accepting, non-judgmental family of people that make up Westpoint.

:: for the live sent message and mission together.

:: for the refuge that the people and the emphasis has been

:: for the leadership team and how real they are

:: to continue the live sent vision and emphasis and mission together

:: to see ALL of the Westpoint family doing SENT life together, caring deeply for one another as we care for others together

:: to further the together generosity of giving ourselves away into ministry partners and other mission efforts, as well as all of us chipping in and owning the finances together

:: to affirm and support our current leadership team and their ministry focus and efforts

:: to find a more permanent facility presence that functions seven days a week but offers connection unlike we currently have

:: to discern the direction among many options going forward, including a pastor search, a restructuring of the current team, or merging with another local church family to further unity and mission together (two have approached us unsolicited)

Great morning! It continues to sink in for Jen and me how amazing our Westpoint family is and how much we will miss them.

PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR THE TRANSITION TEAM DURING THEIR FIRST MEETING TONIGHT from 7:30 to 9:30. And be looking for updates from them both in this Thursday note and on Sunday mornings. So grateful for their leadership during this time.

Love y'all.

[ scripturing. eating. neighboring. together. ]

PS _ new series starts this Sunday. Second "E" series (eating) of the year in the SENT life emphasis. The title is "HUNGER," and we will focus Sunday on the question - what does it mean to hunger for righteousness?

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